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<![CDATA[About time we had a blog update]]>Thu, 10 May 2018 18:00:00 GMThttp://keepersofthecacheflo.ca/blog/about-time-we-had-a-blog-update

how Do you survive an uphill battle?

This may seem like an unrelated subtitle at first but trust me its a question that we have asked ourselves
a lot over the last few months. Honestly, its been a long cold winter for us with very little support for our geocaching lifestyle and business. So lets stay positive, our vlog has seen a good bump in activity following #SassCaches first attempt being shared across social media by The Geocaching Vlogger himself! (see his posts below) Her first Geo-Vlog was part 4 in our #PlanetaryPursuit adventure.
 We then had a draw for our first 50 subs giveaway attached to our first warm weather adventure of 2018, our winner was a fellow Geo-Vlogger Sir- Drumalot​ (be sure to check out his channel). May 11, 2018 #StacheCache will be speaking at a "Lunch and Learn" event at our local multi-use facility for an introduction to geocaching along with other
presenters for the topic of 'School's Almost Out For The Summer' to help parents make plans for their kids/families over the summer. This will be our first time speaking to a large group about our favourite hobby/sport (additionally, I made our own slideshow) so wish us luck! Our next vlog is due to be out on May 16th, it will feature more double vlogging, and includes a music remix by artist LEEX (check out his Facebook & SoundCloud). On May 17, 2018 we are hosting our first "Meet The Keeper" event in the community of Grande Prairie, we will be in the area for the long weekend and hope to spread the word about our social media and shop while we meet new people and share geocaching experiences. It is the hope that these events will become more regular once we have replaced the CacheCaravan. Our upcoming May long-weekend adventure will be done with a rented motorhome and we are hoping that this adventure will give us multiple episodes for our channel, including some for the Keeper's Kitchen segment to be done around the campfire. It is our goal that we will find a well favourited cache while on our road trip deserving of the May #Geochallenge (post a generous log with more than 250 words), we completed the challenge for April (find/hide an ammo can) with a different cache then intended, but we did so none the less. Have you participated in the #Geochallenge? It's currently on its third season!
Spring Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) week (April 21-29, 2018) has come and gone, some great global highlights from the Geocaching.com blog can be found HERE. The event in our area was unfortunately on a day we could not attend but they seemed to have a good turn out and after party. We had wanted to host a few events throughout the area, however, there was some communicational errors and this didn't happen. So to make up for this we are planning to host CITO events for June, July, August, September, and maybe one in October (depending on weather) at different locations to give cachers the opportunity to participate in them. The June and July dates have been submitted to the LOs and are awaiting approval before generating a cache page, keep an eye on our Facebook (if you don't have a new event notification set up) for updates.  Let us know in the comments about any memorable moments you have had at a CITO event in the comments below!

Our final update for our brand adventures is that we have decided to try our hands at SnapChat! Scan the code and add us to your friends list! 

​Well that should about do us for a full #KeeperOfTheCacheFlo Update!  Happy Caching eh! -StacheCache

<![CDATA[New Products Announcement!]]>Sun, 28 Jan 2018 01:00:00 GMThttp://keepersofthecacheflo.ca/blog/new-products-announcment
We are happy to announce that we now have some Alberta Geocaching Products available in our shop! Check out the slide of photos to take a look at each item. Want to know more about why we chose these products continue reading below
Large Logbook- We really like a good sized Geocache and we like them maintained! so we created a large logbook we would like to use for our own caches, and now offer them to you.

​Labels- We now offer 3 different #ABCache stick on label sizes each in their own shape. they write on well with a permanent marker and maintain it well.

​Window decal- This particular version has been waiting to be made since we started geocaching it all just comes together so well and we wanted to share it with you all!

​Coffee Mugs- The idea for one of our mugs came from a conversation with a fellow cacher after an event, about their retirement plans. The second comes from a more personal place with #StacheCache who considers Geocaches to be equal to coffee in the realm of a good start to your day.  From today until February 14th Buy a coffee mug and get a FREE Valentines upgrade and make it a gift for that special Cacher in your life.

​Mouse Pad- Ever think about Geocaching while your at work? Ever wish you could make a living from your hobby of geocaching? Ever need a reminder of the realities of life to keep you focused on the task at hand? If your like us you may have answered yes to all those questions, you may have also found the perfect mouse pad for you.


Currently bearded for glory, and always wishing you some Happy Caching!

<![CDATA[Our Story]]>Thu, 18 Jan 2018 22:15:56 GMThttp://keepersofthecacheflo.ca/blog/our-story200 total finds!

​An inspired #Geocache loving couple looking to grow our brand with our family.  #KeepersOfTheCacheFlo is our #Geocaching Name because when we started playing this game we found many damaged or soiled geocaches in the local area and started, naturally, to repair them to “Keep the Caches FLOwing” as it were. We now offer our adventures to you through many forms of social media and “@CacheFloKeepers” is the username you can find us with most everywhere!

Our adventure has been a long and tumultuous from eager noobies to... noobies.. with the closing of 2017 we achieved our lifetime total finds of 200 Caches (28/200 on December 31st). The year was also riddled with personal struggles from injury to illness, moving and so much more, that hindered our aspirations of
#SassCaches shop “AlbertaCacheFloShop”, and that was just October - December. 

With 2018 off to a slow but busy start we are looking to welcome our 5th Geocacher to the family very soon as
#TheCacheBump (who is a boy) is set to arrive near February 11th. Personal life continues to test our vigil for wanting to have started the shop and we hope we can count on our followers’ support in reaching goals for the year. This year we are looking to start hiding some of our own geocaches, starting with “It takes a village...” and a couple other traditionals aimed at bringing geocaching families of our local area (and those driving through) to smaller community parks hidden around town. The modern age has taken “service” industry to a whole level, so be sure to let us know in the comments on any of our media the ideas you may have to help us serve you better!

​Geocaching in Alberta? Use
#ABCache with pride! 

Updates and Changes across the web:

● AlbertaCacheFloShop: Our shop is being changed to better fit our needs, so please message us on Facebook or Email us  if you would like to make an order from ShopGeocaching or LandSharkz as we do distribute for both companies! Due to this transition we will be unable to complete any credit card transactions, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. It is in our plans to create some "Meet the Keepers" events in other communities in Alberta this year to help spread the word of our shop beyond our local area. As part of our learnings from the first quarter of running our shop we have had to make some changes to our sales procedures:
  • ​Sales are now quoted for base cost with shipping determined on ordering day, the shipping is divided between the various orders to reduce the cost to each individual.
  • GST is not required to be charged for a company as small as ourselves and so we are passing the savings on to you.
  • Additional Tariffs and Duty, unfortunately there have been past orders that have been charged at the boarder, at the customs offices digression, orders that receive a charge will be held at our office until the balance owing is paid to the account.
  • Our suppliers require a minimum purchase order on our behalf, once the minimum order size is met we will place the orders that have been requested. 
  • This process will allow us to build a better inventory in the future, we appreciate you choosing us and helping us be the shop you need. 

Facebook: We deleted the linked group (Albertan Geocaching) from our Facebook page as it had failed to achieve our hopes and goals during its trial run. This is not to say it was the group or its membership that was an issue, we simply could not give it the time it required.

YouTube: Did you know that we moved our channel prior to the end of last year? 2017 was quite the learning curve for us, but we hope that you have enjoyed our videos! Bloopers and outtakes are now being featured on most of our newer videos? Let us know what you think of them in the comments or on the videos themselves and whether or not they are something you would like to see more of or if they are something you would prefer to see go. Our YouTube Vlog is currently updated every TWO WEEKS (starting January 24, 2018), and MONTHLY uploads for our Keepers' Kitchen segment (starting January 25, 2018). Future plans include videos of our own hides, creative caches as well as events we host and attend; an updated schedule will be announced once those start to happen.

Google+:​ Our least used platform, continues to be so, though we will continue to promote new videos here we have no short term plans for expansion.

Pinterest:​ As we get to making some more interesting cache containers we will be posting photos here that will tie back to how-to-videos on the YouTube channel. Promotion of new shop products will be done via Pins and Facebook
Instagram: Photo highlights of our misadventures will continue to be posted here, Instagram has always been a natural outlet for our time spent Geocaching and will continue to be so as we move forward.
Twitter:​ Due to connectivity restrictions less "on the go" postings will be coming via Twitter, replaced by regular and scheduled updates (Blogs, Vlogs, Events). Interactions with fellow Geocachers will continue on this platform, so feel free to tweet at us!


Currently bearded for glory, and wishing you some Happy Caching!

<![CDATA[A Sample Of Sass - Week 2]]>Tue, 17 Oct 2017 03:31:19 GMThttp://keepersofthecacheflo.ca/blog/a-sample-of-sass-week-2
A day late and a buck short… well, yes and no. A day late for the blog, most certainly, but better late than never - a dollar short, without a doubt, but who isn’t these days?
The idiom itself means that someone is too late in saying or doing something for their actions to make a difference at that point, but I’m thinking I haven’t reached it just yet!

A week ago today, StacheCache and I sat at home, cozy on our living room couch, having the most laidback “board meeting” a company has ever seen. It’s 2am, we are barely awake and the CacheHounds are nestled around us… I may or may not have been wearing pants.
We decided that the upcoming week (October 9th to October 15th) would be a “SassCache Week”, a week where I am the primary contributor to our social media involvement rather than him as, thus far in our growth, StacheCache has undoubtedly been the backbone of our identity when it comes to anything online.
For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the old school half of this relationship, quite the opposite of StacheCache’s modern way of doing things. He understands and utilizes technology wherever and whenever possible whereas I much prefer pen and paper, a handwritten agenda and everything in hard copy.
Regardless of my reservations, I agreed to being more involved this week than I have been in those previous... I wasn’t even semi successful.

Despite Monday being a national holiday for us, I started the week off strong and managed to accomplish a lot that day.
Our family of Keepers set out in the afternoon on an adventure to find a newly placed local cache; it was a multi-cache and as we don’t have many of those in our area, we were all particularly excited to check it out. Since watching Geocaching Vlogger’s monthly challenge video, SauceCache has been on edge waiting for his oppourtunity to show off his “cache pants dance” and he was certain that this would be his time to shine. We parked as close as possible to stage one and as we exited the CacheCarivan, Flutterby melted my heart by insisting she take along her Mickey Mouse plastic play phone so that she could use her geocaching app and GPS (just like Daddy and Mama do with their phones) to help find what we were looking for. As we approached our first waypoint, the phones let out their signature ping, letting us know we were close. We reminded Flutterby that it was time to tuck her “phone” away and use her geo-senses to find the clue; StacheCache was the first to spot it and together we guided the little ones until Flutterby made the discovery. From there, we set off towards stage two and despite a total combined search of 55 minutes in light rain, we replaced the contents of the first clue and left the cache site empty handed. We were all deeply disappointed by leaving the area with a DNF on our record, but we aren’t giving up just yet; we will be back to tackle the challenge another day!
I managed to sneak in a quick Thanksgiving supper before heading off to work for the evening and from there I started to put in some much needed time working on our Pinterest account. Pinterest is one of the more neglected areas of our brand and I am entirely to blame for that; it’s one of the few areas online that I know more about than StacheCache and therefore it is dependent on me to bring it up to speed. I’ve been a little slow in my attempts. That night, I also wrote a Thanksgiving related post on our Facebook page talking about some of the things that geocaching has made me thankful for and before the night was through, I even found a bit of time to update our emailing system by adding folders and sorting through our inbox, directing things where they needed to go.
All in all, Monday was a success, but alas, it would come to be that Monday was my only success.

Tuesday was World Mental Health day and I made it a priority to put up a Facebook post about the subject.
Wednesday I reminded everyone to check out my first blog entry before the second one, this one, was released.
Thursday through Sunday I brought nothing to the table.
This week, my social media game was not strong. This week, I was weak

I should let it be known that in addition to trying to get our business up, running and successful, I work 3 nights a week while StacheCache and I try to balance time with our growing family alongside our daily lives and chaotic schedules.
We are consistently trying to better ourselves as individuals, as parents and as partners.
StacheCache is in a physiotherapy program twice a week while I utilize that time to nurture my mental health through visits with my mental health counselor or tend to my physical self through swimming, we also take turns attending a cooking class once a month to sharpen our skills in the kitchen.
We raise two little cachers and we both volunteer at their schools whenever the oppourtunity becomes available. Flutterby attends preschool for only 2 hours a day, four days a week, so we also have her in a one day per month program that promotes early childhood learning skills. We have a third little cacher on the way as well and so we take classes one morning a week that provides us with insight on how to survive the first year with our sanity intact, this is my first biological child and I already feel that whatever sanity I did have is slipping through my fingers. The two of us are also enrolled in two different parenting classes, one takes place one afternoon per week and the other occurs one night per week; both classes educate parents in how to provide their children with a loving and supportive upbringing through positive practice so that we don’t all end up with a bunch of little hellions running around. Additionally, we attend seminars once a month, each of which features a different speaker for various topics related to childhood development or parental lifestyles.
Combine all those events with business meetings, the occasional business course, standard doctor/dental/eye exams, prenatal doctors appointments, birthdays, holidays and general family visiting (as the majority of StacheCache’s relatives live in the same area as us) and it leaves us with very little downtime.
Did I mention I’ve had a light flu this last week that worsened over the weekend?

StacheCache once again found himself picking up my slack over the week and ensured that we didn’t let our social media pages fall too far behind. He is more helpful than I ever give him credit for.

Come back next week to discover if our balance has been maintained or if our lives have become unstable!

Stay Sassy!


Often told to be mindful of her mouth-words, SassCache is always equipped to offer a comeback!

<![CDATA[A Sample Of Sass - Week 1]]>Sun, 08 Oct 2017 06:00:00 GMThttp://keepersofthecacheflo.ca/blog/a-sample-of-sass-cache-week-1
They say that if it weren’t for the last minute, some of us would never get anything done… I’m finding this to be all too true. It has taken me over two weeks to create my first attempt at a “weekly” blog post and needless to say, I am not off to a good start.

Have you ever thought about turning your passions into your priorities? So have we! For KeepersOfTheCacheFlo, it was time to stop thinking about it and time to start doing something about it; we are now well into the process of trying!
StacheCache and I spent the majority of September’s last week planning, organizing and preparing our life to embark on the journey of creating the one we’ve always hoped for and as a result, there have been some major changes in the KeepersOfTheCacheFlo household.

 Perhaps I’m getting too far ahead of myself, I’m going to back things up a bit…

On June 28th, 2016, I was invited by some friends to try my hand at geocaching, an activity that I had never done before; it was love at first find! Three days later, StacheCache joined me and we started on an adventure that would take us to places we never could have predicted at that time; the following day, KeepersOfTheCacheFlo was born. Originating with only an Instagram account and eventually spreading across numerous forms of social media, KeepersOfTheCacheFlo became more than just a username, it became our brand - it became our lifestyle.

Flash forward to today and you’ll find a family that has grown so much in such a short period of time. Over the last year, KeepersOfTheCacheFlo has become synonymous with CacheFloKeepers (a username that had few enough characters that it could be used across all of our social media accounts) and what started off as a geocaching account for one became a couple’s account within days and carried on to become a family account to include all of our little Keepers.

So who exactly are the KeepersOfTheCacheFlo?

As of today, we are made up of the following Keepers:

StacheCache – Dad (28 years old)
“Wear your boots!”
SassCache – Mom (26 years old) and accompanied by TheCacheBump until February 2018
“Geocaching got me pregnant!”
SauceCache – Son (4 years old)
“We always do it!”
Flutterby – Daughter (3 years old)
CacheHounds – Fur Babies (both 7 years old)
“ … ”

Honourary Keepers:

Chickadee_J – (9 years old)
*unavailable for comment*
Mockingbird – (8 years old)
*unavailable for comment*

So what exactly are the KeepersOfTheCacheFlo all about?

First and foremost, we are about the bonding experience - we are about finding or creating as many oppourtunities as possible to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with our family.

Secondly, we are about the environment – in addition to being avid recyclers, we have often been spotted walking the roads near our home along with the fields behind it while carrying bags and buckets and collecting garbage to ensure that it was properly disposed of. We naturally fell into being firm believers of the Cache In Trash Out (CITO) policy.

Thirdly, we are about cache maintenance - we take pride in every cache we have fixed or replaced as it has increased each of those caches chances of remaining in the game, allowing it to continue being enjoyed by the geocaching community.

Among it’s many other benefits, geocaching has increased our awareness of our surroundings as well as improved our cognitive abilities – we are strong advocates for the sport and we encourage everyone we meet to try it at least once in hopes that it might enrich their lives as much as it has with ours.

Through our various social networks, we:
share our geocaching experiences
learn and share about the experiences of others
gain and share geocaching knowledge
connect with other geocachers and assist in connecting them to others

Last but not least, we have recently decided to become about the numerous services that we will now have to offer - we will be here to help new participants enter the game, we will be here to create a more convenient way for Albertans to stock up on their geocaching supplies and we will be here to provide options for those who no longer wish to continue participating in the wonderful world of geocaching.

So, what was I saying about the major changes in the KeepersOfTheCacheFlo home?
Due to medical reasons, StacheCache recently had to take a step back from the career he had been a part of for passed 9 years.
After much consideration and deliberation as well as many late night conversations of weighing pros versus cons and risks versus rewards, StacheCache and I have decided to try turning KeepersOfTheCacheFlo into more than just a family identity, but a household name as well.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that we've decided to turn our spare time activity into our full time business!

Through KeepersOfTheCacheFlo, we now provide services for:
geocaching maintenance and inspection
recovery and replacement
homemade/custom ready to hide containers (with or without swag)
naming of caches, trackables and travelbugs
event support

With the creation of AlbertaCacheFloShop, we will soon be selling:
maintenance refill kits
official ready to hide containers
... and hopefully much more!

Tune in next week to find out whether we've progressed in our venture or gotten lost in it!

Stay Sassy!


Often told to be mindful of her mouth-words, SassCache is always equipped to offer a comeback!

<![CDATA[Vlogging and other media]]>Wed, 16 Aug 2017 15:00:00 GMThttp://keepersofthecacheflo.ca/blog/vlogging-and-other-media
Video editing and maintaining a YouTube Channel has been one of the more interesting tasks we have chosen to do for our love of Geocaching®. It has also been the largest challenge for us while raising 3 kids, working 13hr days, and all the other mess of life. but i wouldn't trade a minute of it as it has been such a fulfilling adventure. The thumbnail to the right will take you to this weeks video!

While the shop is still having issues and has yet to be published on the site we have our logo and name (in the above gallery), and they are ready for the world! Its a small step to some but a big one for us that bring us closer to our dream.

CITO​® is a BIG thing and the most recent upload to you tube shows just how much stuff can be found near cache sites. I have also included a photo of the trash pile in the above gallery from the video, it got bigger after the photo. I believe that we found 32 windshield washer fluid jugs at this particular location.

Hope every one has had fun with the Mary Hyde Challenge and that you all have collected your map pieces be sure to check the gallery's links to check on your friend league!​

​Happy caching!

- StacheCache
<![CDATA[One Step closer]]>Sun, 06 Aug 2017 21:13:32 GMThttp://keepersofthecacheflo.ca/blog/one-step-closerGood news for those waiting.. ok just us because the site has yet to be published to the general public.. We are officially distributors for ShopGeocaching.com our site shop is still not up at this time but we are interested in hearing what fellow Alberta Cachers are in need of so please contact us at our shop and let us know what you feel we need in "The Alberta Geocaching Collection".


​On a more personal note our Little Cachers has something to share with you...
SauceCache and Flutterby ​want you to know about ​the new addition coming to our home! They tie-dyed their own shirts. ​SassCache did the letter-ing as we used these shirts to show StacheCache's parents the news. We are due in February 2018 and plan to donate part of the shops proceeds in the name of new baby to the Children's hospital in Edmonton.

​Photo Credit: SassCache
<![CDATA[our first blog]]>Wed, 14 Jun 2017 18:12:24 GMThttp://keepersofthecacheflo.ca/blog/our-first-blog
 Today has been a busy 48hrs {if you have ever worked nights you know what I mean}. We have started editing CC for our videos on the YouTube Channel, and our site is slowly coming together as we work with Sibername.com  and Weebly.com to facilitate our website. The pages are slowly coming together, the store option however is still only in the early stages of development and no clear date to its availability is known at this time. please bare with us as we Grow through these early development stages.

Photo credit: StacheCache- The GeoBabies and SassCache make their way back to our van to swap tradables and repair the damaged lid of this little geocache.
This time of year is when life starts to fill up with musical events around the Province of Alberta and the journeys to and from are opportunities to find new caches and see new places. We are lucky enough to have the time to attend North County Fair (NCF), near Driftpile AB, this year so we will be sure to find some adventures over the weekend of June 23-26, 2017. Currently we have two adventure plans in the works for those who follow us on social media, a series of letterbox hybrids and the "Big 4-0" Mystery cache (and Geoart) series.

Our next teaser trailer will be posted on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube soon. With that, hopefully, we will have a proper release schedule for our media to share with you in the coming  weeks.